My husband’s employer transferred him recently, but they didn’t include moving our household in his transfer package. We just started our lives together, and money has been tight. We both knew that moving is one of the more stressful episodes in any relationship, so we worked hard to be as organized as possible. Unfortunately, our diligence didn’t pay off.

We had plenty of friends and family to help us with the move, but it was still a disaster. Our budget only gave us enough money to hire a small moving truck, and we had to cram our furniture in to make it fit. Knowing he had to get the truck back before close of business, he and a few friends loaded all our bigger furniture pieces and headed to our new home. I was left behind to deal with small furniture and the many boxes we had packed together.

Like us, most of our friends have small vehicles so only a dozen or so boxes fit into each car. We loaded them up, and we laughed at the oddball convoy we made. The long drive was tiring, and everyone just wanted to get done quickly. Boxes ended up all over the place, so we had a spat that night trying to sort out everything when our help left. It was so bad he decided to sleep in the guest room that night.

I woke up early the morning after and wanted to make amends, so I decided I’d get coffee and breakfast going before he woke up. It was a desperate search through all our unlabeled boxes, and I was soon in tears. Just as it seemed completely hopeless, my wonderful husband walked in the door with coffee and breakfast he had bought as a gift to make up for the awful day we’d just had. We still love each other deeply, and this is one of our favorite stories to tell at parties with friends and family.